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Updated: May 9, 2020

Image by Massimo Colonna

Finally, I got my hands on the #blog. This idea of starting to write was sitting in me for a pretty long time and now in the pandemic period I feel this urge to share. Obviously, fashion took a backseat with the #coronavirus breakout and it is not easy, more so, someone can even consider inappropriate to rise up the topics about beauty, glamour,

"non-essential" industry or whatsoever, but today i want to dig deeper... Now being quarantined a lot of us started to question "... how our world got to this point ?", "...why it happened to us..?", "...what personally I can do to make the difference and impact world positively ..?", "...what's next ..?"

I am not sure what the #future holds for us but if we take a look back to history the plague gave birth to the #Renaissance. Truth, that the hardest times push us to come up with some bright and genius ideas. I believe that this pandemie is a #wakeupcall to all of us and will influence every existing sector of our society. Many of us are already rethinkig their lifestyle and adopting

" #lessismore" #credo leaving the place for the most #essential and #authentic.

Personally, I believe that this crisis will bring beautiful changes and will serve us as kind of an awakening. A Post COVID-19 #Fashionindustry will not be the same. The signs are everywhere. Take a look at China, for example, where during the #quarantine the #pollution level dropped down about 35%. Fashion as one of the most polluting industries should be ready to rethink the game. I suppose that after the crisis will be solved the world will turn its attention to #sustainableclothingbrands, #slowfashion will be heard and appreciated, #upcycling will be on the full rise. And if the luxury giants will follow up with sustainable example the impact will be huge. Progressively, we could develop a more #ecoresponsible #industry.

These are my #fashion #estimations and #aspirations. Let me know on which points you agree or dissagree and what is your #fashion #forecast?

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